Phase Two Completion

Phase two is now complete.

Yes the expansion is fully completed and operational with nice concrete roadways and all new shipping containers. Still offering great easy access to your lockup  seven days a week. If you would like your own self storage unit  to store pretty much anything you want then this could be the perfect solution for you. Imagine how good it would be if you could get rid of all that stuff that you perhaps only us once or twice a year. Put it somewhere safe yet accessible, somewhere you can call your own, (as long as you keep paying the rent) you then have a totally clutter free home garage and garden and can enjoy your time at home a lot more. No garden full of furniture barbeques trampolines etc that aren’t used in winter months and just get ruined by the weather. A garage that you may actually be able to get a car in instead of tons of stuff that you have to climb over. Bicycles stored out of the weather safe during winter months. the list is endless.


Self Storage Biggleswade
Phase Two Expansion