Storage Bedfordshire Location Map

Storage Bedfordshire Location Map

Storage Bedfordshire is located on the main A1 road at Biggleswade,  so to make it easier we have included a Storage Bedfordshire Location Map. This should answer any location/ direction questions.

We offer easy access and are situated on the Southbound Carriageway of the A1 or Great North Road. Storage Bedfordshire is just north of the Biggleswade North Roundabout past Sainsbury’s but on the south carriageway so if coming from the south you will have to go past us and turn around to come back down the south side of the A1. Take a look at the map below and all will be made clear hopefully. If not just give us a call on 01767 312182 and ask.

Storage Bedfordshire’s  full address is;

Storage Bedfordshire,  White’s Farm,  Lower Caldecote,  Biggleswade,  Beds  SG18 9BE.

Email Address;

Please be aware that THIS is the sign you will be looking for at the entrance to Storage Bedfordshire

If it doesn’t say Storage Bedfordshire then it’s not Storage Bedfordshire.