40 foot starage unit

40 Foot Storage Space

Large Storage Unit in Biggleswade Beds.

The Self Storage Space for a much larger amount of storage.
These larger 40 foot units are ideal for small businesses that are drowning in clutter or stock. The 40 Foot container is enormous and will hold a substantial amount of stock or whatever you want out of your way.The rates are super competitive making this a very affordable option.
Renting a storage unit couldn't be easier, just call in, phone or email to make an appointment to see if we have one available and come down when you can to have a look and see if it will suit your requirements.
There are no set renting times meaning you could rent from one month to a year or more without incurring any penalties if you decide to cancel, although we would of course like some notice as to when you wish to leave.
Access is through a key coded barrier and parking is not a problem, you will be able to park right in front of your storage unit.
Alternatively if you feel the 40 foot container is too large then there is of course the 20 foot option that is also considerably cheaper.
However the 40 foot units are in shorter supply but it may be that two 20 foot units will suit you better, whatever you decide feel free to get in touch and perhaps have a look before you make a final decision.

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February 26, 2017
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